We encourage our families to go on to   and also  where they are able to make comments on the services received by Smithfield House Children’s Nursery.  Please see below for some of them.

My little one is attending Smithfield House Children Nursery since September. I have to say that after a very bad experience in the previous nursery I was very sceptical to find a good nursery for my 3 years old daughter. But this is by far the BEST nursery ever!!! All staff have a very caring nature and are approachable. Everyone at the Smithfield House Children Nursery from catering, to management, to staff everyone is providing such an excellent support for both children and parents. This nursery is superb and I'm so pleased I chose this environment for my daughter. The staff and management are fantastic and they clearly love their jobs. The attention to detail and love that my daughter receives is so comforting to me that I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery to friends and family. The nursery is absolutely amazing. This is a real cocoon for the children, like a family! Childcare, activities and communications with parents are top quality when you compare with other regular nurseries. It will be very tough for my daughter and I to leave this wonderful cocoon when time for the reception year comes. Thank you so much for making both my child and I so happy and comfortable with I am thrilled with my child's progress during their time at Smithfield House Children Nursery The amount of different activities you provide is excellent. I love the text message system. Thank you for all the hard work you put into each day. Thank you for making my child feel happy, safe and secure.
Raissa B (Mum) January 2024
We are pleased to be part of the family!!
My almost 4yo son spent a year at Smithfield house while his parents were studying in London. It is such a wonderful place, with the kindest and most loving staff in every position. He did not speak any English upon arrival but found it very easy to communicate from the first day and learned a lot of English throughout the year. The food was always good, variety of things to do and lot of creative playing with colours, shapes, drawings etc. For people working or studying in central London, the location is perfect and the facilities were always clean and up to the highest hygienic standards. Communication with staff was flawless and they took such good care of our son.
Gudni (Dad) August 2023
Caring and Creative
We couldn't be happier with our decision to enrol our children at Smithfield House Children's Nursery. From the moment they started attending at the ages of 3.8 and 1.2, our little ones settled in quickly. One aspect that truly sets the nursery apart is the dedication of its staff. The practitioners go above and beyond to organise interesting and engaging activities for the children on a daily basis, which fosters their skill development and sparks their interests. Our son has developed a deep bond with his carers and looks forward to going to the nursery every morning with pure enthusiasm. Our daughter has made remarkable progress, including learning English over a short period. Thank you, Smithfield Nursery, for being an exceptional place for our children to learn, grow, and flourish.
Mirgul T (Mum) June 2023
One thing that sets the nursery apart is the dedication of its staff
My daughter joined the nursery at 15 months having had little interaction with many other babies and adults. She has come on so well in her almost one year there. All the staff are so welcoming and hardworking, and it means a lot to me to know my daughter spends her day around adults who show her and the children around her love and attention.
EJR (Mum) March 2023
Such welcoming and hardworking Team
My daughter loves her time in the nursery. She has fun-filled days and is always excited to attend, and almost doesn't want to leave at the end of each day. The staff are very friendly and caring, and the communication is excellent! I have had the experience of my daughter attending another nursery and can safely say this place is well run and would recommend it to all family and friends.
YM (Dad) March 2023
Excellent care and communications
Our 20-month-old daughter has been attending Smithfield House for a year now and we could not be more satisfied with the care she’s received. The carers are not only supremely qualified but every one of them treats our daughter with the same amount of love and attention she is used to at home, it’s no wonder she is always in such a great mood when we drop her off and pick her up. The environment is always so calm, pleasant and familial and our daughter’s days are kept so busy and diversified. 100% recommend!!!
Katie DS (Mum) February 2023
A second home for our little one
Our daughter joined Smithfield Nursery in June 2022 at 8 months old and the ladies working in the baby room made it so easy for both us and our daughter to settle into nursery. Our daughter loves everyone there and is thriving with all of the amazing activities they arrange for them and has made so many friends. She comes home and has learnt something new daily and it's all thanks to this nursery!
CW11 (Mum) January 2023
Excellent nursery with amazing staff
Smithfield House Children’s Nursery is our baby’s second home. Everyone is so caring and warm, that it feels like he’s being taken care of by family. The administration is stellar - everything is done exactly right, and the responsiveness is immediate. We couldn’t have asked for more!
Bibi (Mum) January 2023
Caring and big-hearted